Performance Monitoring

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Performance monitoring

Monitoring Qlik Sense performance with the use of WoWizer is crucial to ensure that your business intelligence (BI) platform operates at its full potential and delivers valuable insights to your organization.
Wowizer TPM provides real-time data insights, allowing you to access data from the last 5 minutes or select a specific timestamp range to gain comprehensive insights into all your nodes. This capability empowers you to stay up-to-date with the latest information about your Qlik Sense environment

Here are some key reasons that underscore the importance of using WoWizer for monitoring Qlik Sense performance.

Real-time Performance Monitoring: Wowizer TPM simplifies real-time performance monitoring by consolidating essential metrics such as CPU, RAM, disk usage, and active sessions in one place.
This consolidated view allows you to establish strong correlations between server usage and performance.

Moreover, it comes equipped with configurable thresholds that trigger alerts when system resources are overutilized, ensuring you stay proactive in maintaining system health.

Qlik Sense Environment Overview With Wowizer TPM, you can quickly obtain a comprehensive overview of Qlik Sense environment. It provides real-time statistics on active users, published apps, user sessions, and reloaded apps. This intuitive interface gives you an immediate snapshot of your Qlik Sense ecosystem, enhancing your decision-making capabilities.

Disk Usage Trend Analysis: Disk optimization is often overlooked until it becomes a critical issue. Wowizer TPM addresses this by providing you with insights into disk usage trends over time. This feature enables you to anticipate when disk optimization will be necessary.

Additionally, configurable thresholds can trigger alerts when disk usage exceeds predefined limits, such as 90%, ensuring you’re always aware of critical storage conditions.

User Feedback Integration: To enhance problem-solving capabilities, Wowizer TPM superimposes user feedback on other performance metrics like CPU, RAM, and sessions. This overlay enables you to establish correlations between instances of user-reported issues and the corresponding system performance during those times.

This invaluable insight aids in pinpointing the root causes of user-observed problems and streamlining resolution efforts.

Granular Resource Utilization Wowizer TPM takes resource monitoring to a granular level by providing detailed CPU and memory utilization data at both the app and user levels. This precision allows you to identify specific apps or users that are consuming excessive system resources, facilitating targeted optimization efforts.

By optimizing resource allocation at both the user and app levels, you can significantly enhance system performance and maximize resource utilization efficiency.

Error Monitoring & Alerting: Wowizer offers robust error monitoring across key Qlik Sense services, including Repository, Engine, Scheduler, and Proxy. It also seamlessly integrates with Windows Event Logs and it allows you to track error trends over time to identify any sudden surges in issues.

This comprehensive solution guarantees the immediate detection and analysis of errors within your Qlik Sense environment and system-level events, promptly triggering appropriate alerts for your teams.

By monitoring these critical components, Wowizer helps organizations maintain a reliable and high-performing business intelligence platform, enabling proactive issue resolution and enhanced data analysis capabilities.
Wowizer’s Error Monitoring feature is a cornerstone for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of insights from your Qlik Sense deployment.

Wowizer TPM equips you with a powerful suite of monitoring tools, enabling you to maintain the health, performance, and efficiency of your Qlik Sense environment with ease.
These features collectively empower you to make informed decisions, proactively address issues, and optimize resource allocation for a seamless user experience.

Updated on September 28, 2023