Log Search

Wowizer serves as a central log repository solution for your entire Qlik Sense ecosystem. It provides a robust platform for efficiently managing logs across various components, including the repository, engine, proxy, scheduler, and Windows events.

With Wowizer, you can seamlessly store, access, and search through historical logs, ensuring comprehensive log management for your Qlik Sense environment.

Gain valuable insights into log trends by monitoring log volumes at different timestamps. This feature enables rapid detection of spikes or changes in log flow, facilitating quick responses to potential issues or anomalies in your log data.

Error detection: Effortlessly search for errors across your Qlik Sense environment and Windows events with Wowizer’s log search feature. It presents logs from all Qlik services and Windows events in a chronological flow of timestamps, allowing you to troubleshoot efficiently and grasp the temporal aspect of error occurrences.

This streamlined approach enhances your ability to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues promptly, ensuring your business intelligence platform operates smoothly and effectively. Wowizer empowers you with the insights needed to maintain a reliable and high-performing environment.

Windows Updates: Monitoring Windows updates on systems where Qlik Sense is running is of paramount importance. It allows organizations to correlate the timing of Windows updates with system performance changes.

However, not only successful updates but also update failures or missed updates can lead to serious issues within your Qlik Sense environment. By actively monitoring Windows updates and identifying potential failures or gaps in update installation, Wowizer ensures that your system remains secure, up-to-date, and free from vulnerabilities

For instance, if sudden lag or disruptions are noticed in the Qlik Sense environment, Wowizer’s capability to track Windows event logs can quickly pinpoint whether a recent Windows update or patch installation coincided with the performance dip.

Log Filtering and Searching:  Easily search for logs within specific timeframes, filter logs by Qlik service, text content, or even apply inclusive or exclusive filters to streamline your troubleshooting process using Wowizer’s user-friendly log search.

Effortlessly filter and pinpoint log issues specific to your Qlik Sense services

Easily filter and analyze logs based on Tasks as example.

Filter or exclude specific apps for troubleshooting.

This powerful feature accelerates issue detection and resolution, adding efficiency to your log analysis tasks, and ensuring a reliable Qlik Sense environment. Wowizer’s log search empowers you with the tools needed to swiftly address any log-related challenges and optimize your business intelligence platform’s performance.

Continuous Improvement: 

Using Wowizer, continuously monitor and analyze logs in real-time. Use insights from log analysis to drive continuous improvement efforts in your Qlik Sense environment. 
By combining Qlik Sense raw logs, Windows Event Logs, and Wowizer’s real-time log analysis capabilities, you can gain a deep understanding of your BI platform’s performance, troubleshoot issues effectively, and make informed decisions to optimize your Qlik Sense environment. 

Updated on September 29, 2023