About TPM

About Wowizer TPM  #

Wowizer Telemetry & Performance Monitoring (Wowizer TPM) was build with the vision of empowering Qlik Champions to take proactive control of Qlik performance and drive adoption. You have successfully managed your data and crafted top-notch dashboards. But users are encountering random issues, whether related or unrelated to Qlik, that are hindering adoption and scaling. It’s time to regain control of the Qlik user experience and drive increased adoption. 

Leveraging our expertise in log, metrics and event analytics for various applications , we recognized that logs held the key to these challenges. We invested significant effort in correlating multiple logs and metrics. This led us to develop Wowizer Telemetry and Performance Monitoring, initially for our own use. Our goal was to simplify the process for Qlik champions like us, and we eagerly welcome any feedback to enhance and refine Wowizer TPM further. 

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Why WoWizer TPM #

Qlik Sense comes with monitoring apps such as Operations Monitor which are great to look at historical data. However WoWizer Telemetry and Performance Monitoring (WoWizer TPM) provides additional value as illustrated below.

Real time Performance Insights 

No more waiting for the next scheduled reload to gain insights into the performance of standard Qlik Apps. Wowizer TPM offers real-time visibility into CPU/RAM usage, reload status, and user telemetry allowing you to take action immediately.

Qlik System overhead absent

WoWizer TPM does not require any hardware or Qlik resources to run as opposed to monitoring apps which require Qlik resources which can already be in shortage.

Availability in an outage

Historical logs provide great insights in an outage for troubleshooting. Monitoring apps would not be available at this time, whereas WoWizer TPM can be accessed via web browser.

Real time Alerting 

Wowizer provides real-time alerts for high CPU/RAM consumption and other potential issues, including extended app opening times and many more.  

These alerts can be delivered to MS Teams channels, ensuring you’re promptly notified of any unusual behavior or critical conditions. 

Scalability with Simplicity

Wowizer TPM is highly scalable, yet very easy to implement and use. It is capable of swiftly transitioning from several months of historical data to real-time insights, even for environments with tens of nodes. Whether you have a single node or a complex multi-node setup, Wowizer TPM can adapt to meet your needs.

What we are not 

While Wowizer can identify apps that require optimization and provide insights into resource-consuming methods and objects affecting Qlik performance, it is not designed for analyzing individual apps in-depth. For individual app analysis, tools like Metadata Analyzer are more suitable. Wowizer TPM focuses on providing a broader system-level perspective and performance monitoring with alerts for a great user experience and customer success.

Updated on October 25, 2023